Adoption Assessments

Adoption Assessments

Prospective adopters will have given a great deal of thought to putting themselves forward to adopt a child therefore they have not taken the decision to seek to be matched with an adopted child, lightly. Prior to the adoption assessment, prospective adopters will attend a preparation group with the purpose of helping them to explore the benefits and challenges of adoption. The assessment will pull together information about the applicant’s individual profile, family and environmental factors, their present circumstances and the potential impact of becoming adopters. Each section of the assessment will look at a list of trigger questions, which will aid further discussion and encourage exploration of different areas and suggestions and ultimately to assess the applicant’s suitability or not to adopt.
Adoption Assessments

How do Adoption Assessments Work?

An adoption assessment will only commence when the local authority has undertaken the relevant checks and have recommended that an adoption assessment can progress. Prospective adopters have a rigorous assessment of their suitability which includes obtaining references; undertaking sessions of group training as well as undergoing a medical to ascertain their level of physical and emotional health. The adoption assessment templates are provided by Coram BAAF Adoption and Fostering Academy. They provide clear guidance regarding how assessments and training should be undertaken and the criteria that must be met.

An Adoption Assessment will take approximately 12 weeks.

Prices for Assessments

Assessments that are directed by the court will be undertaken in accordance with Legal Services Commission Rates.

Costs are available upon request